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Warning on paroxetine withdrawal.

    Where it had been promoted that withdrawal from paroxetene was safe and easy, in fact up to 7% of patients could experience withdrawal symptoms with some of these severe and prolonged.

    Psychiatry defends 30 years of lies about depression

      For more than 30 years, psychiatry has been complicit with pharmaceutical company marketing in forwarding the largest fraud in the history of medicine: the lie of the ‘chemical imbalance’ theory of depression.

      Akathisia – side effects of psychiatric drugs

        An image of a person suffering from akatisia

        “It may be less of a question of patients experiencing fluoxetine-induced suicidal ideation than patients feeling that ‘death is a welcome result’ when the acutely discomforting symptoms of akathisia are experienced on top of already distressing…

        Chemical imbalance – psychiatry as a pharma marketing tool

          A hand pouring pills into a person's head

          Despite hundreds, if not thousands of contributions from psychiatrists in support of the chemical imbalance theory, some leading voices in the field deny there ever was a theory and the public have been misled. It was all somehow pharmaceutical marketing at fault.