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5. No psychiatry, you can’t take over the world

    Social unrest and rioting

    All through psychiatry’s history there have been attempts to manipulate and control aspects of society way beyond any clinical address and based solely on the opinions of psychiatrists and others who control the subject.

    2. Rockefeller Foundation and the failure of psychiatry as a science


      The Rockefeller Foundation foisted the unproven theory of ‘biological psychiatry’ on the medical profession by attempting to stage-manage psychiatry into the scientific activity it thought it should be. This attempt to transform psychiatry into a vaguely valid science failed.

      The lunacy of lobotomy

        Walter Freedman (left) with James Watts avidly promoted and performed lobotomies in the United States, leaving behind tens of thousands of victims.

        If any activity in psychiatry conjures up pictures of lunatic psychiatrists running around performing sadistic human experimentation on terrified patients, it is lobotomy.

        Emil Kraepelin – prelude to mass murder

          Kraepelin bears responsibility for and helped set the stage for the mass murders of Aktion T4 and through his proteges provided the rationale and ‘scientific foundation’ for what became The Holocaust.