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Per Lanterna, ‘by the lantern’, owes its inspiration in part to Diogenes, the Greek philosopher, who was known to carry a lantern along the streets of Athens “looking for an honest man.”

Without question, our world is equally as corrupt and confused just as Diogenes found his. Part of the solution sits with individuals willing to investigate and peer into even the darkest corners and bring some light.

We think there should be many more lanterns and Diogenes’.

Why psychiatry?

Since its beginnings in the early Nineteenth century, psychiatry has lost its way. At the same time, as history can tell us, psychiatry done wrong has the potential to bring about disastrous results in our societies.

Psychiatry now is big business and under the stresses that, that incurs and yet also seems incapable of policing itself. All is not well and so Per Lanterna.

Norm Newton, Citizen Author

Diogenes and his lantern. Attributed to Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons