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Real story of psychiatry

This is an examination of a subject that began around 150 years ago and promoted itself as the solution to mental health and yet in all that time, psychiatry has found no causes for any mental illness and offered no cures for any mental illness.

Lack of science or a dedicated fraud?

A person depressed

No psychiatric treatments have ever been based on any scientific discovery of the cause of anything psychiatry calls “mental illness” and no causes have ever been found.

Treatments are entirely based on hiding symptoms, with the underlying conditions never addressed.

No actual cures for any “mental illness” have been found. No one is ever cured when treatments (to only hide symptoms) work at all.

French psychiatrist Philippe Pinel (1745-1826) releasing lunatics from their chains at the Salpêtrière asylum in Paris in 1795 - history of psychiatry

1. The beginning of ‘modern’ psychiatry – a descent into hell

This examination of the beginnings of modern psychiatry well into the first half of the 20th century does not provide us with momentous breakthroughs and heroic efforts to assist mankind. What we find instead is a subject based on speculation rather than science, unable to establish causes of mental illness and whose primary solution was to murder the very people it should have been caring for.


2. Rockefeller Foundation and the failure of psychiatry as a science

The Rockefeller Foundation foisted the unproven theory of ‘biological psychiatry’ on the medical profession by attempting to stage-manage psychiatry into the scientific activity it thought it should be. This attempt to transform psychiatry into a vaguely valid science failed and was abandoned by the foundation.

3. Psychiatry’s lack of science masked by pharmaceuticals

The chance ‘discovery’ of psychotropic drugs saved psychiatry from oblivion by masking the subject’s lack of scientific foundation. The drugs are overmarketed, only suppress symptoms, result in damaging side effects, have questionable efficacy, and the actual causes of ‘mental illness’ are never addressed.

4. ‘Mental health’ is defined and controlled by profit-driven commercial interests

For decades, psychiatry in collusion with pharmaceutical companies and to a lesser degree device manufacturers, has turned the subject of mental health into a for-profit free-for-all where patients have become repeat customers. ‘Mental health’ is only what psychiatry and pharma marketing campaigns want to say it is, ignoring inconvenient facts such as the cause of ‘mental illnesses’ are never found and no one is ever actually cured.

Social unrest and rioting

5. No psychiatry, you can’t take over the world

All through psychiatry’s history there have been attempts to manipulate and control aspects of society way beyond any clinical address and based solely on the opinions of psychiatrists and others who control the subject. Aside from fraudulent self-promotion, was psychiatry ever competent enough or qualified to do this? No, not even close.