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Who Commits More Healthcare Fraud and Abuse? – ‘The Quiz’ – CCHR

    Public Service Message – ‘The Quiz’

    Question: Who commits more healthcare fraud and abuse? A. Hospital administrators? B. Medical doctors? C. Psychiatrists? Answer: Psychiatrists commit 40% of all Healthcare fraud.

    Question: Who involuntarily incarcerates the most citizens? A. Syria? B. North Korea? C. Psychiatrists? Answer: Psychiatric institutions incarcerate 700,000 every year, against their will.

    Question: Who is the most likely to die form electric shock? A. Electricians? B. Victims of interrogation? C. Psychiatric patients? Answer: Psychiatric patients receive 1 million shock treatments every year… killing two per day.

    Question: Where is a woman most likely to become a victim of rape? A. Public park? B. College campus? C. Psychiatric ward? Answer: Psychiatric ward, where 4 out of 10 women are raped.

    Question: What causes the most death in the military? A. Enemy fire? B. Accidents? C. Suicide? Answer: Suicide—every day 23 soldiers and veterans take psychiatric drugs and kill themselves.

    Question: Who is more likely to hook a minor on harmful drugs? A. Drug dealer? B. Gang member? C. Psychiatrist? Answer: Psychiatrists give 20 million children addictive drugs.

    Question: Which of the following have the highest rate of arrest? A. Organized crime? B. Human trafficking? C. Psychiatry? Answer: Psychiatrists—1 in 5 are arrested on criminal charges.

    Question: Who is most likely to molest your child? A. A stranger? B. A registered sex offender? C. A psychiatrist? Answer: A Psychiatrist is 3x more likely to sexually molest your child.

    The answer is clear. Help us eradicate psychiatric abuse.